GISA is the official representative body for doctoral students in Informatics. We address matter pertaining to the academic, professional, and social climate as they affect the life and well-being of the Informatics doctoral student. We are here to serve our fellow students in the department, whether that be through appealing for more resources, organizing social events, or just helping people along. Come to one of our events!


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Stay in Contact!

In addition to hosting formal events, we also have multiple listservs which you can sign easily sign up for! Using your IU email account, all you need to do is sent an email with a blank subject line and a blank body to the appropriate list’s address,


latest GISA happenings, event reminders


If you have any thoughts, feelings, or concerns, you can send us an email using the following form! And if you would prefer to leave anonymous feedback, please feel free to skip the email field.



Our current board consists of the following members,

Jacob Abbott as the Executive Chair

Tristan Gohring as the Institutional Voice

Hilda Hadan as Treasurer

Arash Zakeresfahani as the Social Chair

Vincent Wong as Publicity Chair

Anne Tally as Recorder


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